LAPROPHAN laboratories contribute to the improvement of oral health by marketing a wide range of oral hygiene products that meet the oral health needs of the whole family through a leading brand on the Pharmaceutical market.

Oral health is essential to general health and quality of life, it is actually one of the major causes of health problems worldwide.

According to the WHO, there are many other non-communicable diseases of public health importance. These include osteoporosis, kidney disease, oral diseases, genetic diseases, neurological diseases and diseases causing blindness and deafness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that oral diseases such as tooth decay, periodontitis (affecting the gums), and cancers of the oral cavity and of pharynx present a health problem throughout the world in the industrialized countries, and increasingly, in the developing countries, especially within the poorest communities.

REF: WHO publishes a new report on oral and dental diseases in the world. REPORT OF 24 FEBRUARY 2004 IN GENEVA